For an online virtual conference platform, please prepare a narrated video (mp4) of your presentation which will be included in the online virtual conference platform.

Please take note during your conference session, your recorded video presentation will be played. You are still required to attend your session for QnA.


Details of the recorded video presentation

  • Due date: 20 December 2020
  • Platform of uploading video:
    • Website: link will be provided
  • Duration of recorded video (please follow strictly the allocated duration):
    • Oral presentation: 15 min
    • Poster presentation: 5 min
  • The file format of recorded video: MP4
  • The filename of the recorded video: ICOASE2020.xxxxx.presenter_name.mp4
  • The requirement of presentation (depending on the model of presentation)
    • Oral presentation (choose 1 of the option):
      • Option 1 – Narrated presentation (PPT slides with both voice and webcam camera)
      • Option 2 – Narrated presentation (PPT slides with voice only; include the photo of the presenter at the first page and last page of PPT slides)
    • Poster presentation (choose 1 of the option):
      • Option 1- Narrated presentation (PPT slides with voice)
      • Option 2- Narrated presentation (one-page PPT slide with voice)
  • Example of recording method:
    • Using the built-in function of PPT to record voice (noted that you would be able to record your webcam as well for PowerPoint 2016 and 365 version) (guideline: Click Here )
    • Using the zoom to record PPT presentation with webcam
    • Using an audio recording tool to record the voice and integrate with the video
    • Any other methods which could satisfy the requirement of recorded video in Option 1 or Option 2 (please search for more information online if you are not sure how to do it)

Other important notes

  • Please keep the oral presentation duration at around 15 minutes and the video file around or under 220Mb in size (poster presentation would be 5 minutes with a file size of 70Mb).
  • Please upload your video presentation on time so we have enough time for testing and feedback if needed.
  • The presentation will be available to other participants on-demand, and you are required to participate in the Q&A during the whole conference duration.


Please contact the following personnel, if you require any assistance

  1. Technical assistance of video preparation and upload – Karwan Jacksi – University of Zakho
  2. Payment and registration –Mr. Omeed M. Ibrahim – Duhok Polytechnic University
  3. Status of your paper – log in to EDAS system to check the status.