Sunday, January 24, 2021

Time: 12:30 – 14:10

Session 01

Virtual Room 1

Concurrent Computation and Clustering of Parallel Computing for Distributed Systems 

Hanan ShukurSubhi ZeebareeAbdulraheem Jamil AhmedRizgar R. ZebariOmar AhmedMohammed Mohammed Sadeeq and Bareen Tahir

Enhance the Performance of ICA for Text Classification by Using PSO  

Hafedh Ali Shabat and Nidaa Abdual Muhsin Abbas

Effective Computational Techniques for Generating Electroencephalogram Data 

Mahmoud ElsayedKok Swee Sim and Shing-Chiang Tan

A Fusion Scheme of Texture Features for COVID-19 Detection of CT Scan Images 

Dilovan Asaad ZebariAdnan BrifcaniDiyar Saleem and Merdin Salih

Fake News Detecting Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms 

Awf Abdulrahman Ramadhan


Session 02

Virtual Room 2

A Comparative Study Using LZW with Wavelet or DCT for Compressing Color Images 

Zainab Jawad Ahmed and Loay Edwar George

Mini Jarvis Patrick -Based Graph Clustering for Scientific Institutions 

Hussein Zeki Almngoshi and Eman Al-Shamery

SAARSNet: A Deep Neural Network for COVID-19 Cases Diagnosis 

Hawre AbdullaZanear AhmedNigar M. Shafiq SurameeryRasber Rashid and Shadman Q. Salih

ECN-CoDel and Its Compatibility with Different TCP Congestion Control Algorithms Based P4  

Dhulfiqar A AAlwahab and Sándor Laki

Decision Making Approaches in Cognitive Radio- Status, Challenges and Future Trends  

Akeel Ibrahem Bdrany and Sattar B. Al Maliky


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Time: 14:30 – 16:10

Session 03

Virtual Room 1

Hate Speech Detection Using Genetic Programming  

Mona Khalifa Aljero and Nazife Dimililer

Video Delivery Based on Random Linear Network Coding  

Amenah Muwafaq Altaee and Mohammed Jammas

Sentiment Analysis Using Ensembling Classifier Algorithms  

Roza Hikmat Hama Aziz and Nazife Dimililer

COVID-19 Diagnosis from Chest X-Ray Images Using Deep Learning Approach 

Noor Qaqos and Omar S. Kareem

Queuing Theory Model of Expected Waiting Time for Diagnosis Novel Covid-19 A Case Study  

Naji Abdullah HarkiBarzan IdreesOmar AhmedLailan Muhsin Haji and Hivi Ismat Dino


Session 04

Virtual Room 2

Biometric Signatures Based Public Key Security System  

Huda Moyaser Therar, HMEmad Ahmed Mohammed and Ahmed Jadaan Ali

Transcript Validation System Using Biometric Characteristics 

Zahraa Al Ali

Biometric Recognition with Single Heartbeat ECG Signal and Deep Learning  

Dalal Alduwaile and Md Saiful Islam

Investigation on the Application of Gamification for Information Security Awareness 

Karzan Sharif and Siddeeq Yousif Ameen

Brain Tumor Detection and Classification Using CNN Algorithm and Deep Learning Techniques 

Sultan Fayyadh


Monday, January 25, 2021

Time: 9:30 – 11:30

Session 01

Virtual Room 1

Development of Synthesis of Granular ZSM-5 with a Hierarchical Porous Structure  

Kanaan R AhmedRezeda KuvatovaOlga TravkinaValery ZaripovAlina Ishkildina and Boris Kutepov

Selective Crystallization of Highly Dispersed Silicoaluminophosphate SAPO-11  

Kanaan R AhmedZulfiya Khayrullina and Marat Agliullin

Selective Crystallization of Silicoalumophosphate SAPO-11 with a Micromesoporous 

Kanaan R AhmedSamara KambarovaMarat Agliullin and Zulfiya Khayrullina

A Correlation Analysis Between ISO 25010 Based Modularity and CK Metrics in Object-Oriented Software  

Dini YuniasriSiti Rochimah and Agus Budi Raharjo

A Review of GIS-Based Landslide Hazard Mapping and Assessment Techniques 

Sevar Neamat and Hazhir Karimi

Clustering Document Based on Semantic Similarity Using HAC and K-Mean Algorithm  

Karwan JacksiRowaida IbrahimSubhi ZeebareeRizgar R. Zebari and Mohammed Mohammed Sadeeq


Session 02

Virtual Room 2

Cognitive Radio Network Security Enhancement Based on Frequency Hopping 

Aows Ahmed and Sattar B. Al Maliky

Privacy Preserving Association Rules Based on Compression and Cryptography 

Wahid Alkazim and Sattar B. Al Maliky

Harmonic Elimination of D.C to A.C Converters Using Embedded Design Techniques  

Luluwah A.Y Al hbetiMazin Rejab Khalil and Laith Akram Mohammed

Data Security System for IoT Applications 

Shahad Mohammed Aldalimi and Mohammed Jammas

Faults Detection in PV Panels Using an Artificial Neural Network 

Bechara NehmeTilda AkikiNakhle BadawiJad Nawfal and Eddy El Hachem

Trust Evaluation Model Based on Statistical Tests in Social Network 

Saad Talib Hasson, Aljebori and Aseel Zahi


Monday, January 25, 2021

Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Session 03

Virtual Room 1


Falak Ussien Hasan

Semantic Document Clustering Using K-Means Algorithm and Ward’s Method  

Niyaz Mohammed Salih and Karwan Jacksi

SYN Flood DDoS Attack Mitigation Using HAProxy and NLB  

Rizgar R. ZebariSubhi ZeebareeAmira Bibo SallowHanan ShukurOmar Ahmed and Karwan Jacksi

Comparison Between Two Feature Selection Methods Chi-Square and Relief-F 

Maiwan Bahjat AbdulrazzaqMayyadah MahmoodAbbas IbrahimSubhi ZeebareeMohammad Abdulwahab and Vaman Haji

Voltage Build-Up Behavior of Self-Excited Induction Generator with Different Loading Conditions  

Amer Ali and Mohammed Mustaf Khalaf

Glove Word Embedding and DBSCAN Algorithms for Semantic Document Clustering 

Shapol MohammedKarwan Jacksi and Subhi Zeebaree

Monday, January 25, 2021

Time: 12:00 – 14:00

Session 04

Virtual Room 2

Computerized Morphometric Characteristics of Gebel Watershed  

Jihad I. Salim

Exploring Delay Causes in Egyptian Building Construction Projects 

Nehal Elshaboury

Quality Assessment of Reinforcing Steel Used in Residential Building in Duhok City at Kurdistan-Iraq  

Mudhafer SelmanSheimaa Mohammed and Hawar Jasim

COVID-19 Diagnosis Systems Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Techniques: A Review  

Hivi Ismat DinoSubhi ZeebareeDathar Abas HasanMaiwan Bahjat AbdulrazzaqLailan Muhsin Haji and Hanan Shukur

Neural Networks Architectures Design, and Applications: A Review  

Adnan Brifcani and Mohammed Mohammed Sadeeq

A Review on Linear Regression Comprehensive in Machine Learning

Dastan Maulud and Adnan Brifcani